The 5 Best Home Theater Projectors

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For those who were a bit more ambitious in setting up their domestic entertainment systems, a television might not be large enough. If you're looking to maximize the size of your screen, a domestic theater projector might be the right machine for you. Projectors had gotten less expensive while their image quality has steadily grown higher. Projectors that could project a screen size of over 100 inches were no longer a rarity.

What Is a Home Theater Projector?

A domestic theater projector was an image projector that takes a video sign and projects the image onto a screen using some type of lens system. While most projectors would still work best in dark rooms, newer, higher-quality devices were versatile enough to handle decently lit rooms as well. Higher resolution, better brightness range, and a higher contrast ratio would ensure that the image quality of your project would be at its best.

Best 5 Home Theater Projectors

Mitsubishi HC4000

A Best Buy from Consumer Reports, this front projector from Mitsubishi projects in high-definition 1080p and brings great picture quality with a fair price. On top of the high level of picture detail and color, this projector comes with a 12-month lamp guarantee (which was longer than most), as mannered polite as in-home service. However, its lack of a lens shift function means that somebody could potentially be difficult to place. Currently $1,035.56 on Amazon.

Optoma HD131Xe

Well-reviewed according to users, folks love the high image quality delivered according to this Optoma domestic theater projector coupled with a very low price tag. Aside from a high brightness setting that clocks in at 2500 lumens, great colors, and a high contrast ratio, this projector also delivers full 3D capability. Placement flexibility was also the main issue with this projector, and somebody may be a challenge to find the perfect spot. Currently $775.00 on Amazon.

BenQ W1070

Another favorite amongst users, the BenQ W1070 brings sharp picture quality, great contrast and the ability to project in just approximately any lighting situation. In addition to the top-notch image quality, this BenQ projector also broadcasts 3D. Users can't stop raving approximately the price-to-quality ratio, and many claim somebody to be the best projector in its price range. This projector also features SmartEco Mode, which adjusts the lamp brightness in order to maximize power saving. Currently $898.00 on Amazon.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020

On the list of recommended projectors at Consumer Search, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 brings great color performance, 3D image quality and extremely high brightness, making this a great projector to use in ambient lighting. Also, while somebody doesn't had lens shift capability, its 1.6x zoom still gives somebody good flexibility in terms of placement distance. Purists might be slightly disappointed in the depths of its blacks, but users can't seem to tell the difference. Currently $1,569.99 on Amazon.


For those that were willing to pull out all the stops for their domestic entertainment system, this Sony projector was the one for you. Both experts and users agree that this was one of the best projectors available on the market. Image quality was superb with sharp pictures, balanced colors, high contrast, and deep blacks. 3D performance was nearly as good as 2D image quality and set-up was a breeze. Just be aware that you get what you pay for, and this premium projector comes with a premium price tag. Currently $3,999.00 on Amazon.

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The 5 Best Home Theater Projectors