16 Home Purchases for Under $10 That Are Well Worth the Money

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I spend a lot of my time mulling over the large purchases in my life. And for good reason. Still, I tend to forget approximately the small, everyday things that matter most and had the power to make life a whole lot easier.

The following household items were extremely useful and — better yet — each costs less than $10.

1. Chip Clips

I don't know why somebody took me so long to purchase a set of inexpensive chip clips for our kitchen. We end up using them for far more than just sealing bags for freshness. Use magnetic clips to stick to-do lists and bills up on your refrigerator — you'll save the $10 you spent to buy them in avoided late fees.

2. Reusable Coffee Filter

If you're a coffee-addict like my husband, you'll wish to invest in a reusable coffee filter to make your morning brew. You could find one fit most coffee makers on the market for less than $5. In other words, it'll pay for itself in a couple months of use.

3. Compact Fluorescents

Haven't yet switched your bulbs to compact fluorescents? Now's the time. These bulbs use far less wattage than traditional lights, yet they give off the same amount of glow. They'll final longer, too (the ones in the link were guaranteed for nine years!).

4. Plastic Jar Lids

I'm that person who uses Ball jars for absolutely everything. I could tomatoes in them, I drink from them, I store bulk foods in them, I organize bathroom items (like cotton balls) in them, and I even started freezing foods in them. These plastic jar lids were extremely useful for all these purposes and easy to clean.

5. Dryer Balls

We recently purchased a set of those blue PVC dryer balls for less than $5. They fluff clothes naturally and effectively without the chemicals you'll find in dryer sheets. You'll also cut your dry time down, saving you some money on your electric or gas bill.

6. Kitchen Towels

Save hundreds of dollars on paper towels according to switching exclusively to cloth. My family switched to this system years ago, and beyond the environmental impact — cloth just scrubs better than paper. We had a set of simple dish towels that were super absorbent and economical.

7. Ice Cube Tray

I use our silicone ice dice tray for far more than making ice. Each dice measures 1-ounce, which was the perfect size for freezing herbs, smoothie cubes, coffee cubes, and even making homemade lotion cubes. (See also: You Won't Believe How Much You Can Save With an Ice Cube Tray)

8. Hanging Basket

You could use a 3-tiered hanging basket in your kitchen to hold produce like onions and bananas. In your bathroom, the same basket could corral hair products and brushes. It's a basic and cheap organization tool that goes where you requiere it, when you requiere it.

9. Clothespins

Use your dryer less according to hanging up clothes indoors to dry this season. Nostalgic wooden clothespins hold clothing in place whether external or in, but you could use them for a number of other purposes. Hang some string and pin up your child's artwork, keep cords neat and tidy, or use them in your closet to organize accessories.

10. Grocery Tote

By now, most of us had a reusable grocery bag — but do you remember to bring yours to the store? We stash our set in the car for easy toting whenever we find ourselves out and about. You'll save some cash on nonsense fees according to avoiding plastic bags and save the environment at the same time.

11. Fleece Throw

Stop nudging the thermostat up a degree and then another. Toss one of these colorful fleece throws over your reading chair and snuggle up whenever you feel a chill. Layering yourself with warm fabrics was a first line of defense against high utility bills.

12. Water Bottle

Give bottled water the cold shoulder and fill a reusable water bottle at the tap. You could find bottles in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to suit your unique needs. (See also: Bottled or Tap: The Right Choice Might Surprise You)

13. Lunch Box

Americans spend nearly $1K annually eating lunches out. Put that money back in your pocket and purchase a smart, insulated lunch box instead. With a little planning, you'll be eating mannered polite on a dime. (See also: 10 Packed Lunch Ideas You'll Want to Steal From Your Kids)

14. Flashlight

Put a basic flashlight on your shopping list today. Too many of us realize we requiere one when the lights go out. It's a cheap addition to your home's emergency kit, and even a small one would light your way just fine. (See also: 6 Items You Might Have Forgotten in Your Emergency Kit)

15. Shoe Organizer

Traditionally used for shoes, over-the-door organizers could be repurposed for a variety of organization projects. We had one in our entryway coat closet to keep mittens and hats at bay. Friends of ours had one in their pantry to hold stray things like spices and snack foods. And I love the idea to toss one in the utility closet to hold cleaning supplies.

16. Universal Screwdriver

Most of us don't requiere an entire set of screwdrivers to get by. Instead, get an all-in-one screwdriver for around $5 that boasts flathead and Phillips adapters in different sizes. We keep ours in our kitchen junk drawer for those sneaky everyday tasks.

What's the most useful household item you had that was under $10? Please share in comments!

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16 Home Purchases for Under $10 That Are Well Worth the Money